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Darren Yaw Foo Hoe’s Artisan Batik Malaya provides news, announcements, stories, and other informational posts about our company and our gorgeous, high quality, handmade batik fabric wear products. 

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At Darren Yaw Foo Hoe’s Artisan Batik Malaya, we truly value the work of our amazing batik artisans and the craft as a whole. All of this can be found on our blog.

Our Blog

Check out the latest announcements and stories

A woman looking at batik clothes on a rack - Darren Yaw Malaysia
Zoey Chee

How to style batik clothing

Because batik clothing has a distinct flair and beauty, people who have never worn it before may be unsure whether they can pull it off.

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Two women making batik - Darren Yaw latest news
Adeline Joseph

3 ways to identify real batik

Batik is a 2,000-year-old art form that has been practised throughout Asia and parts of Africa. According to Darren Yaw latest news, the intricate dyeing

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