How to style batik clothing

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Because batik clothing has a distinct flair and beauty, people who have never worn it before may be unsure whether they can pull it off. Because batik is often associated with the holidays in Malaysia today, it can be challenging to find the right pieces to flaunt a more formal or smart-casual fit for going to the movies or hanging out in town. Darren Yaw Malaysia got some batik tricks up our sleeves on how to flaunt your most confident style in Malaysia with batik clothing!

Brown batik design - Darren Yaw MalaysiaBatik clothing has a distinct flair and beauty, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia. 

Look for sources of inspiration

According to Darren Yaw Malaysia, search batik blogs, fashion magazines, and Pinterest boards to be inspired by various styles. Aside from traditional sarong wraps, kebayas, and men’s batik shirts, modern batik styles include bright colours and new types of patterned details. Some people may even layer traditional or modern batik pieces with other types of clothing. A long batik skirt, for example, could be paired with a denim jacket or cropped silk top for a more sophisticated look, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia. You may not have to adhere to the styles you see on the internet all of the time. Instead, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia, you can get ideas from the many different types of batik clothing available in Malaysia and experiment with different ways to wear them.

Start small

Instead of wearing batik from head to toe, start with a single piece of batik clothing or accessory to experiment with your style and gain confidence, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia. Batik scrunchies or headbands, for example, are a great way to ease into wearing batik because the fabrics on these accessories are detailed with intricate patterns and can be paired with jeans, skirts, or any other clothing for a casual look. Batik skirts are another easy piece to start with – for a day out at the mall with friends, girls can pair this item with a fitting cropped top, one-shoulder top, or cami top, according to Darren Yaw Malaysia.

Wear batik on casual occasions

Relaxed styles are easier to achieve, so why not dress up in some lovely batik clothing for your casual outings? According to Darren Yaw Malaysia, whether lounging at a friend’s house, going to the beach, or having a picnic in the park, batik pieces are the ideal way to create a laid-back summer vibe. Ladies can wear breezy batik dresses in bright, cheerful colours, while men can wear batik shorts with a solid-coloured or graphic t-shirt for a more laid-back look. According to Darren Yaw Malaysia, find occasions where you can easily pull off a casual outfit so you can have fun styling batik any way you want.

Guy wearing batik and walking towards girl - Darren Yaw MalaysiaAccording to Darren Yaw Malaysia, find occasions where you can easily pull off a casual outfit so you can have fun styling batik any way you want.

For the workplace

Before the lockdown, batik shirts were quickly becoming a go-to for office dress-down Fridays, and they continue to be stylish but comfortable attire for many who work from home.

On the other hand, Darren Yaw Malaysia offers a styling option to try at home or the office when it reopens.

If you’re going to a client meeting or a work event, just throw on a blazer to transform our casual batik shirts into a more formal look. Darren Yaw Malaysia recommends wearing a light batik pattern with a dark blazer.

Wear batik with family

In keeping with our mission to help younger generations connect with their Malaysian heritage, Darren Yaw Malaysia recently decided to release batik shirts in children’s sizes.

Darren Yaw Malaysia noticed a lot of local brands making matching outfits for mothers and daughters. They made an effort to create complementary father-and-son outfits to bring the family closer together because they didn’t want dads to feel left out. According to Darren Yaw Malaysia, it’s something nice they can wear around the house or on the weekend.

It can also be an excellent way to make the upcoming holiday celebrations at home a little more special while on lockdown, mentioned by Darren Yaw Malaysia.

Switch up your outfit with batik clothing in Malaysia

Overall, there is no better way to wear a distinct style than incorporating intricately patterned batik clothing into your wardrobe. Finding the right outfit for any occasion will be a breeze with our wide range of versatile styles. According to Darren Yaw Malaysia, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles by mixing and matching your partner’s outfit. After all, the best part about playing dress-up is getting to experiment with various fashion pieces that allow you to express your most authentic self – so have fun with it!

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